Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bruno Torfs

I was cruising around this morning, checking other blogs, when I was blown away by a post at my friends site Needle and Clay. TeaRose, a very talented lady herself, was blogging about Bruno Torfs and his amazing sculptures. Needless to say I had to share and spread the word myself.

Bruno,who was born in South America and now resides in Australia, has a magnificent sculpture garden. He is a terracotta sculpturer, among many of his talents, who decided to create a garden and open it up to the public. He started with about fifteen life size sculptures which have grown to over a hundred and he still adds to the collection.

After viewing some of his works on a flicker site, I was ready to jump on a plane and move in...LOL Barring cost and timing I'll just have to view them on the web but I'd like to share that with you too! Take the tour!!

There is also a wonderful slide show on Flickr you'll enjoy.

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