Monday, April 28, 2008

Orphan Works- Urgent Attention

I'm quite distressed by a bill that's been in congress for quite some time. From what I have gathered it protects the infringer. In other words, if someone has "stolen" your item and they cannot find who originally created it there is no protection for the artist who created it unless they register with the copyright office and pay the fees imposed. Can you imagine every time you create a piece of art, a technique, a piece of jewelry, your photography, your graphics, etc. etc, you have no recourse if the person who stole your work can prove they diligently searched for the owner but could not find them and therefore have a right to sell whatever they want because the work is considered orphaned. Bah Humbug!

Oh, I'm probably not explaining this as well as I should but frustration tends to stifle the flow of thought. There are several petitions against the passing of this idiotic bill but it isn't getting the attention it really should be getting in the art world so that it can be squashed.

Most artists barely make a living and who can afford all those copyright fees? Arghhhh. Sorry, but this just bothers the heck out of me.

Please consider this petition and sign.

More info can be found at:


Wes Warren said...

This is USPTO blackmail on originality. Things must be pretty slow at the PTO. Who is going to decide on 'diligence'? Oh, let me guess. No copyright fee paid, no more Artistic License, 'cuz the 'new guy' has paid us his fee.

You're right. It's B.S. God help them if they ever publicize the data flow figures between the PTO and Beijing while at the same time claiming to protect creators.

Am I that far out in perceiving this as a reverse-tax on our minds?

Heck, I better watch the Canadian PTO...they're like little puppies when it comes to dirty politics...always sure to follow.

Wes Warren said...

My God, Peggy...

I edited my previous comment because I thought it may have been "overboard". Sadly, it's even worse than I had thought.

My Friend, this is the beginning of The Final Assault(in my humble opinion).

Yes, I'm putting a link on my site.

Hugz Back,

P.S. Thanks for wrecking my morning!